When i joined wow i had a 2 year agreement, when it was almost up i canceled after they continued charging me.They said i needed to cancel with abcfinanial, Then they said i had to do it in writing so i did that, They continued charging me till i finally just closed my bank account so they had no access anymore. My sister has now joined wow and wanted me to join with her i said no way after what i had to go through the last time.

Then she told me i can pay for 1 year in advance no bank access no contract.

i asked the employee that was on at the time he said i would have to pay around $150 for the year and there was no other charges. its now been 2 months since ive done that and i just received a letter from abcfinancial saying Although you prepaid your health club membership, there are additional services of RATELOCK that are now past due this is the first bill and it say i owe 39.99 plus a late fee of 9.50 Total 49.49...I AM PISSED

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change your bank account # good luck with abc, do a wriien complaint to the attorney general in your state demanding your money back, worked for me


I cancelled my "cancel at any time" membership only to be told that only was if I did the $10 fee, I was foolishly convinced to do the $20 per month and so I was locked in for a year I paid my 12 months and called to say this better be it only to be told you also have to pay the $39.95 renewal fee - why I cancelled!!!! They SUCK! When a price sounds to good to be true is usually is -

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