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i joined this gym in northbergen nj with 4 other family members.and 2 that had to be babysitted.first of all they promised a free one time trainer to show me and my kids around so we can learn how tu use the equipment.

that never happened.

so of course since we realy dont know how to use the equipment,each week one of us would hurt themself or sprain a muscle.

then thier was always a problem with the steam will not work for weeks one of the kids trainer was always texting or playing games instead of teaching the kids to workout.

and not to mention the poor baby sitter thier would be 1 of her yet 20 and more kids.and how the *** is that suppose to be safe.then thier came a time where do to health problems i wasnt able to work out.

yet i didnt know that i couldve been excused so i was still paying for 5 members and 2 that were suppose to be at the sitters. that werent going to the gym.then finally when i felt better i couldnt go because they moved the gym to a different location and i didnt have the car.

about 5 weeks later when we finally got the car and went back to the one in fairview was awful they packed all the machines from both gyms into you were always worried that you might bump into someone when they were passing.not to mention someone of my size couldnt pass between them cause thier was no humiliating!

and the parking un freakin real mud everywhere destroyed my cars rug.

so i went to the manager and told them that my year membership was up in 1 month and i wanted to cancell he said that was fine to go to him before the month was over.

and i did exactly that 4 days before the new month began,now he says that i was suppose to give him a week notice and that i was going to be charged another month!

now i am out over $2,000 dollars,i am fatter than when i first started and i feel that ive been cheated out of my only means of income which is my ssi disability income.and ill never trust any contract ever again.i hate this gym Workin Out Wrong!

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OK. The gym isnt a place for kids.

Especially Not the equipment. Learn how to use equipment first, then YOU can show them how to safely use it. Tips. Start at low weight, Dont worry about what others might think.

Do Roughly 6 to 12 reps in three "small sections" each. so 18 to 36 reps total. Switch between two machines or free weights at a time so you dont spend idle time. Switch between more if you want and its not crowded because your hogging many then.

Please be courteous of others, They are trying to do the same thing as you. If your size is an issue then try cycling and swimming. also make a scedule so that you have a set time every day or every other day.


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