After getting run around for over year trying to cancel membership I was accused of being "racist" by manager of WOW. Original agreement stated if my job location changed I could cancel. It's been 1.5 years since job change & still paying. WOW employees have given fictitious names when calling, promised to take care of my request and lied in every sense of the word.

Basically, mgr. didn't know what to say when confronted in person, so felt the need to call me a racist as many employees are minorities. I actually went to the police and was accompanied back to WOW where the manager denied our conversation and placated me in front of the officer. Still paying.

Explained to manager that I have an internationally adopted child, teach/tutor ALL races and have not paid my own bills to send money to children in other countries. I thought I had consumer rights, but guess not... Do yourself a favor, don't ever join WOW. Once you're in you will never get out...

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Connaught, Ontario, Canada #31557

WOW they are so tenacious

piglet the nigle*


Yes, I had trouble with these people, they pretended to be related to me to get my credit card info- it was so bad the credit card company wouldn't admit what they did because in their words "Its liability for us." Their trick is you have to send a written letter 4 months before you plan to cancel. Secondly, call your credit card company and stop payment- and put a password on the credit card before you do it- becuase they tried to gain access with me.

Just so you know, I reported them to Merchant Services and they were being watched.

For people who are considering joining- DO NOT GIVE THESE People your Credit Card!!!! I'd reccomend NY Sports- much better club anyway.

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