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I am member of the WOW Menlopark Mall form Nov 08. I was joined by their representative Lathif.Initially it was !year contract and and when signing my contact I asked him what happened to my contract and monthly due after completion of my initial contract.He said " it will only Continue if you wish to "So after Nov 09 I stopped my payments to WoW and now I received collection agent letter for 580.

When I inquired with wow about this notice I was spoke to Lathif and he said " you have to cancel you member ship at the end of your contract.When I recapped his words to him" it will only Continue if you wish to" He says he never mention about cancelling your member ship and you took it them the way you want it so you have to pay the remaining balance.and finally he wanted me to stop by teh facility to fix this .

Now the second drama begins. When I visited to Wow on Monday 05/01/2010 ,apparently he isn't there and i met the new manager "In Charge" I explained him everything and he says he cannot be responsibel for all the past conversations and he can only take care of whats in my account right now.So I asked him to resume my account as I am not in position to pay the 580 at once..

So he asked the front desk lady to take may past due payment

[( 6*32.05(monthly due with taxes-this for after enf of my initial contract)] + 35 37.45(club enhancement fee) + 35 (for collection agent fee)

She and manager said I have to pay al these due to resume my account and when I asked my total she said its 284.75 and when I borrowed calculator from them and calculated the total it came up to 264.75.And when I asked about this both of them say not sure why this computer showed $ 20 extra and says I'll just ask customers to pay what ever thsi showes me.

Now .Manager him self calculated it 3times and finally wants me to pay 264.75.

Now they (front desk lady or Manager In Change ) don't understand why its showing that extra amount..

Now I started my process of cancellation,Not sure how long it will consume and where I'll end up

Monetary Loss: $500.

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